Topic outline

  • Module 1

    This module provides an overview of PrEP covering the latest clinical trails and evidence supporting PrEP use, safety and efficacy.
    • PrEP overview
  • Module 2

    Module 2 follows the journey of a patient named Andy. It covers the key management principles required to safely prescribe and manage patients on PrEP. 

    DISCLAIMER: Every presentation with a request for PrEP should be assessed as to the person’s eligibility for PrEP, and the decision to prescribe PrEP should be based on the balance of the potential harms and benefits of using a prescribed medication for primary HIV prevention purposes. 

    The advice provided is necessarily general. This module is intended to provide guidance which is appropriate to the majority of cases where PrEP is indicated to reduce significant ongoing risk of acquiring HIV. However, ultimately the decision to prescribe PrEP needs to be made on a case-by-case basis considering the context in which patients may be placing themselves at risk of acquiring HIV. Any unusual or complex case should be discussed with an expert in HIV medicine before deciding whether or not PrEP should be prescribed.

    • Prescribing and managing patients on PrEP
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